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They talked about the D23 convention where Jack was honored as a Disney Legend. Barry talked about Kirby's and Royer's involvement in the Lord of Light project. They spoke about at what point did they decide they wanted to do comics and what role did Toronto played in that. Is their institution on board with comics.

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Jillian spoke about her Kirby 4 Heroes campaign that she runs to raise money for the Hero Initiative. Joe Staton Spotlight Will as a teacher, role model, how he made changes to the Eisner Awards, his ability to tell short stories, the line between art and craft and how Will balanced and transcended them.

Pro Vs Fan Comic Trivia There is some swearing and racial slurs spoken on this panel. Human Resources Specialists Human Resources Specialists Human resources specialists recruit, screen, interview, and place workers. The group discussed using the thumbnail for editing, using Skype for communicating with creators, catching problems early to avoid costly corrections later, the mental fatigue of doing a graphic novel and how to combat it.

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Letterers, Inkers and Colorists Pro Vs Fan Comic Trivia Hudnall and Lloyd spoke about John Ridgway and why he loved talking on the phone so much. Jack is the first person they have given it to posthumously. Convincing Parents, Teachers and other Gatekeepers Couples in Comics They then spoke about several topics including how their collaboration started, how did they divide the work as they are both writers and artists, if the 13 stories in the book was inspired by old music albums that always had 13 songs.

There is a brief question and answer session at the end. How he was first exposed to comics, drawing on newspapers, how being an artist helped him, his schooling, his influences, breaking in, what he learned from John Romita Sr, his favourite inker, meeting Jack Kirby, how he got the job for Luke Cage, Marvel 2 in 1, working with John Byrne, his boxing matches with Jim Shooter, his work on He-Man and Pro Wrestling comics, his work on Superboxers and Kyle Baker inking his work.

They generally specialize in a particular product or industry.

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Brigitte and Lewis talked about the government issued poisoned grain that was within the story. Creators for Creators Giving Life to Little Lulu They all introduced themselves, what they were studying and how they were examining it.

Comics Arts Conference 5: They then turned to when Briggitte began drawing, their collaborative process, the other books they worked on, the pacing of a joke, subtle bit of info that is important, but not highlighted and why Lewis chose to do it that way.

Paul Levitz in Conversation with Karen Berger The group, including audience members who knew Richard spoke about his intelligence, kindness, his bookstore, his strong opinions, creating of the term Graphic Novel and more. I missed the first few minutes of this panel where Andrew was giving an introduction of himself.

Mentor and Friend Radical Application of Black Aesthetics Selection of genres varies per library. Among the topics discussed were: Barry announced that Lord of Light is being produced as a television series. Why Will Eisner Still Matters at Spotlight on Brigitte Findakly and Lewis Trondheim Johnny Wander 10th Anniversary Comics Arts Conference 5: Shannon revealed how certain books of hers came about and how to manage the collaborative process.

Karen asked why are we seeing women telling their stories regarding leaving the Middle East instead of men?.

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Little Drummer Boy, Harry Chorale Simeone, Harry Simeone The Effective Reader, D.

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