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A safer workplace - Health and safety is important. As a trigger for investigation. The list should have included such hazards as electricity, noise, vibration, radiation, extremes of temperature, fire and explosion, hazardous substances both by direct contact with, for instance, oils and greases and by exposure to dust and fumes and those related to insufficient attention to ergonomic issues.

Fewer, however, specifically mentioned the fact that it provides a physical barrier that has no moving parts and is not linked to the controls, motion or hazardous condition of the machine. The reports will not include mark schemes or sample answers and should be used by students and accredited course providers to inform both tuition and revision sessions.

We are the experts when it comes to arranging overseas exams. Following this, there needs to be an understanding that a harmful substance is assigned an OES when current evidence indicates that there is no harmful effect at this level, and that average airborne concentrations at or below the standard are considered acceptable.

A little more difficulty was found with part bwhich required candidates to outline procedures to ensure that fire extinguishers remain operational.

The latter group of candidates sometimes resorted to giving other information on noise that had not been asked for, such as the requirements of the Noise at Work Regulationsand for which marks were not therefore available.

Although not affecting the marks, the Examiners were a little surprised by the few answers that referred to mesothelioma in part adespite this particular type of cancer being predominantly associated with asbestos exposure. Workplace Hazards and Risk Control Element 2: Control of International Workplace Hazards Element 1: Typical factors mentioned by candidates included accessibility, visibility, proximity to exits and escape routes, travel distances, and the means of supporting the equipment off the ground and free from obstruction.

Any candidate who had visited a well-managed workplace should have had little difficulty in answering part iii by outlining procedures such as the initial reception process involving the registration of personal details and the issue of identification badges, the provision of information on site rules including emergency procedures and information on the hazards and risks within the establishment that might affect the visitor.

Disadvantages include the need to change posters on a regular basis if they are to be noticed, the fact that they may become soiled, defaced and out-of-date, and the possibility that they might appear to trivialise serious matters.

Candidates did not respond effectively to the command word Many candidates continue to have problems with providing the appropriate detail in their answer in order to give the required depth of information as indicated by the command word in the question.

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In addition, some answers included non-ergonomic issues such as fire safety and electricity. Part bin contrast, tended to attract some better answers, with candidates able to outline such circumstances as changes in process, work method or materials type or quantitythe introduction of new plant or technology, new information becoming available, a change in legislation, changes in personnel eg the employment of young or disabled personsand when the results of monitoring accidents, ill-health and environmental are not as expected.

Tutor support is given via an email help desk and phone support as well. People with the NEBOSH International General Certificate know how to help their employer avoid prosecution, litigation, absence costs and loss of reputation, wherever they operate.

Stronger candidates were able to give well structured answers that considered the equipment, the environment, the task and the individual, and their inter-relationships. Importantly, electrical equipment and systems should be subject to regular inspection, testing and maintenance by competent persons.

Nebosh IGC Examiner’s Report September 2017 Standard Date

Question 10 The development of safe systems is an essential part of the work of those with health and safety responsibilities. Question 8 The Examiners were pleased with the overall response to this question.

Each of these exams are two hours long and consist of 10 short answer questions and one long answer question. Although failure to comply with the provision of an ACOP is not in itself an offence, the failure may be cited in court in criminal proceedings as proof that there has been a contravention of the legislation to which the provision relates.

It is better to set the realistic target and try to achieve the set milestone within the deadline. In fact, most of the factors relevant to an ergonomic assessment are contained in a schedule to these Regulations. Explain When a question asks to explain a point, the candidate is required to provide an understanding or make clear an idea or relationship.

Sep 01,  · GC2 IGC Examiners' Report May - July Examiners’ Report NEBOSH International General Certifcate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC1) Documentos similares a Examiners Reports IGC1 September IGC1. 25_6__IGC1&2. Cargado por.

naidu IGC1 PP March pdf.

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Examiners Reports' for Certificate Level examination sittings. Examiners' Reports are available for Certificate Level qualifications and are free to download for both students and Course Providers from the related files.

To view an example of the revised format of Examiners’ report click on the sample GC2 standard date Examiners' Report. IGC2 Examiners Report - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

health and safety Examiners’ Report NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety - IGC2 GC2 IGC Examiners' Report May - July Uploaded by.

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Nebosh IGC examiners report. Nebosh Igc3 Report. Description: This is report on IGC3 WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. NEBOSH Practical Final Sample dsrwrew. Category: NEBOSH IGC Examiners Reports Download Examiner Report NEBOSH IGC2 (April – June ) July 11, Download Examiners Report NEBOSH IGC2 (March )Rate this post [Continue Reading ] Download Examiners Report NEBOSH IGC2 (May-July ) May 22,

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