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We now have a clear path forward towards reachingbarrels per day in two phases. The recovery of resources located kilometers beneath the surface of the earth also carries a wide range of technical risk involving geological and engineering complexities.

And using gas instead of coal for power generation could lead to a potential 60 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.

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PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view manajemen perbankan bab vi manajemen jasa bank lainnya tujuan dan jenis jasa bank lainnya keuntungan jasa bank lainnya jasa pengiriman uang, jasa kliring, jasa inkaso These expectations are fully embedded in our culture, and we remain focused on continuously improving our ability to effectively identify and manage risk across the business.

Leveraging the ExxonMobil Relationship Another unmatched advantage is in the area of technology. In the last 2 years, we actively pushed earlier cost escalation out of our businesses.

Our safety performance continues to lead the industry and we are proud of this achievement. Since then we have significantly progressed the Initial Development and also refined and improved the plan for the development of the entire lease.

This reduces life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions.

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Bruce will now talk about our Downstream and Chemical business segments. Also we are well on the way toward sanctioning decisions for both Kearl Expansion, a duplication of Kearl Initial Development and the Nabiye expansion at Cold Lake.

Partnership Proposals It may not be feasible for a small business to bid on a complex tender on its own. We are just about at the half way point on construction. PowerPoint PPT presentation free to download Referral marketing is what you do to get in front of your prospect And, that presence should continue to grow.

While others have taken steps to abandon the integrated business model, we conclude that our ability to implement value capture across the integration of our business is a competitive advantage.

However, it was only by chance that I was introduced to the world of BNI and professional business networking.

Given the role, I want the audience to learn something from me. And for projects delivering new upstream volumes, capital efficiency is first and foremost.

In the upstream, their research delivers advantaged technologies while progressing significant breakthrough research. Be sure to thoroughly review proposal requirements. Anti-oil sands campaigners have consistently claimed that oil sands production results in up to three times the level of greenhouse gas emissions compared with conventional oil production.

We intend to leverage these strengths to deliver superior shareholder returns for decades to come. That encompasses actions to reduce water use, spills and releases.

They just want to know how they can help you. We have grown the size of the conventional portion of non-proven resource in the past couple of years as we start to incorporate Horn River into the solid red conventional oil and gas segment.

The fourth paragraph provides for this requirement.

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We both advance attractive opportunities that provide attractive returns across a broad range of industry and market conditions while maintaining a focus on capital efficiency and discipline. Inexploration activity was high, with continued expansion of our interest in Horn River and commensurate drilling activity.

Kearl will reclaim land faster - in fact we have already started to reclaim land impacted by project construction. Moving North, the Norman Wells field, located just south of the Arctic Circle on the Mackenzie River, is our largest conventional oil producing field.

Let’s go through a good outline for your next 10 minute presentation: The first 2 minutes tell a little about you and your business. It’s not a bad idea to discuss some of your hobbies, your family or other interests. "The Next Level BNI Chapter is a group of highly energetic professionals who are committed to each other and our.

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3 Reasons to work with us. Save Time & Money. The topic for this presentation is how to create and deliver an unforgettable 10 minute Introduction Presentation for your business.

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Sample bni 10 minute presentation business
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Saying No To Promoting Others With Honesty & Class